Returning to our essence Embracing the feminine and masculine

Tensegrity® and Theater of Infinity® Workshop-retreat

Practices developed by Carlos Castaneda,
Carol Tiggs, Florinda Donner Grau,
Taisha Abelar and their students

In the Iztaccíhuatl area
September 8, 9 and 10, 2017

In the Iztaccíhuatl area
September 8, 9 and 10, 2017

Some researchers point out that people in ancient Mexico recognized the existence of a dual principle as the origin of life: Ometeotl (from Nahuatl, ome: two, and teotl: being or divine entity).

This double being, Ometeotl, includes both feminine and masculine aspects: Omecihuatl (two-woman) and Ometecuhtli (two-man), who, at the same time were double beings. Since this principle is the origin of all things, every sentient entity –human beings, animals, trees, minerals, etc. – contains in itself both, feminine and masculine aspects.

Nonetheless, our society’s development has taken a turnaround and we have created rolls and stereotyped patterns that separate the women and the men. They are expected to assume the assigned behaviors related to the sex they born with. This way, when we come into the world, we learn how to identify ourselves with only one of the masculine or feminine aspects, which lead us to consider as either women or men, and we completely forget the other part.

On top of that, several cultures including ours had privileged one of the two aspects throughout history, so that we live in a divided world where, instead of looking for a balance and trying to understand each other, we go against our brethren.

This turns into conflicts in affectionate, family and friend relationships; rivalry among same gender people; inequality in professional relations, etc. All of these situations generate discomfort in our lives and lead us to consume an enormous quantity of our energy and attention.

Either as women or men, we in an unconscious way often, use to reproduce and to maintain these cultural patterns, rolls and models, honoring agreements in which we didn’t participate.

For the seers of Don Juan’s lineage, to save and to get our energy back became the most important endeavor and they focused all their efforts on it. When recovering energy, their perception could be expanded beyond what can be known, and other realities, full with magic and mystery could be reached.

We can make use of the arts they left to us to achieve by ourselves prowess of perception that we do not imagine.

In this workshop,

We are going to make an inner journey to review what we’ve learned about being a woman and being a man; what patterns and rolls gender we are repeating and the way we can transcend them.

Through Magical Passes we shall contact our essence or energy body, which integrates both, feminine and masculine qualities.

We will navigate in dreaming toward our origin, so that we can take from there what we need to bring to daily life.

Through the Theater of Infinite, we’ll find practical actions to create more equilibrated and newer forms to relate to our loved ones, that they fill us with energy, instead of draining it away.

Through Not-doing, we will move our perception from what we know to new ways of perceiving the world, with our energy body’s eyes.

We shall gather more energy for dreaming and to focus it on daily life projects, and in the world of energy, as well.

Just like Ometeotl, our essence or energy body contains the feminine and masculine principles. When we are in contact with it, we can transcend our limitations and we realize that there is not a real separation: we incorporate the two principles that gave us rise. Therefore, we can give rise to new things.

One-day Tour:

Walking of Power on the Iztaccíhuatl Volcano
Walking of Power
The Iztaccíhuatl and the Popocatepetl are representative volcanoes for the inhabitants of Mexico and took their current configuration at the beginning of the Quaternary era. The name Iztaccihuatl volcano comes from the Nahuatl Iztac (white) and Cíhuatl (woman) and can be translated as White Woman. Due to its seismic activity, it is in the list of active volcanoes of Mexico.

The energy of the volcano, even as the one of rocks, rivers and forests is the ideal setting to carry out our walking of power, which consists of combining the activity of our physical body and total attention for taking advantage of the contact with nature. A walk of power represents a physical challenge that places us in a state of deep connection, which lead us to face of the infinite and to touch the limits of ourselves: to know our essence in another way, and to accept that the consciousness extends to everything that is around us.

Para realizar este recorrido es importante tener una condición física adecuada, llevar la ropa y equipo que se solicita, y seguir las indicaciones de los guías.


The Tour starts on Sunday night at the headquarters of the seminar, with a training session of Tensegrity® practices.

On Monday at dawn we will begin our walk of power in Dos Aguas Ecological Park (Two Waters) and we will advance upriver listening to the sound of water and nature, by the route of the waterfalls until arriving at the Cascada de los Diamantes (Diamonds Waterfall) which is called like this by the way its pristine stones reflect the rays of the sun through the water.

After a climbing stretch, we will advance to Nexcolango, where we will stop for a picnic and for Tensegrity® practices.

We will continue to climb the river to our destination which is Nahualac lagoon, at 3,940 meters above sea level. This lagoon used to be a dream site of the ancient seers or Nahuales. There we will have dreaming and connection practices.

On the way back, we will stop again to have the meals in Nexcolango and, finally, we will return to the seminar where, depending on the weather, we will make a night campfire

Ensoñando con guías – Clase de Tensegrity de Carlos Castaneda

Ciclicidad 18

Los viejos chamanes descubrieron que todo el universo está compuesto de fuerzas gemelas”, comenzó don Juan, “fuerzas que son al mismo tiempo opuestas y complementarias entre sí”. Es inevitable que nuestro mundo sea un mundo gemelo. Su mundo opuesto y complementario está poblado por seres que tienen conciencia, pero no un organismo. Por esta razón, los viejos chamanes los llamaron seres inorgánicos.

– Carlos Castaneda
El Lado activo del infinito

Cuando nos acoplamos con nuestro cuerpo de energía, nos abrimos a las dimensiones que éste explora. Y algunos de esos mundos están habitados no por seres orgánicos como nosotros, sino por seres inorgánicos.
Aprender a reconocer, comunicarnos e interactuar con tales seres puede ser muy gratificante. Sin embargo, los chamanes se dieron cuenta muy pronto, que si podemos aceptar y aprender fácilmente de los guías orgánicos en nuestro propio reino, entonces nuestras interacciones con los inorgánicos son más fáciles.

Esta serie de clases te prepara para esta tarea. En ellas aprenderás a reconocer guías aquí, para luego pasar a conocer a aquellos en otras capas del ensueño.

Al final de este curso probablemente aprenderás que los guías de ambos tipos son tan frecuentes, que es posible que nunca más te sientas sin ellos.

DOMINGOS 8, 15, 22 Y 29 DE ABRIL

10:00 a 11:30 a.m.

Clase individual: $170 pesos
Paquete de dos clases: $320 pesos
Paquete de tres clases: $450 pesos
Paquete de cuatro clases: $560 pesos

Registro 15 minutos antes del inicio
Kramer 74 Col. Atlántida, Coyoacán (entre División del Norte y Calzada de Tlalpan, muy cerca del cruce de Miguel Ángel de Quevedo y División del Norte y a 7 minutos del metro Taxqueña)

Informes: Mónica Sofía González Aragón
Facilitadora de Tensegrity® en Tutoría Nivel III
Cel y WhatsApp
04455 4184-1944

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SÁBADOS 7, 14, 21 Y 28 DE ABRIL

10:00 a 11:30 horas
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Cuauhtemoc 68, Col. Del Carmen, Coyoacán, CDMX

Entre las calles de Abasolo y Gómez Farías, a tres calles del zócalo de Coyoacán

Argelia Luna
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El Tigre Dientes de Sable – Domingo 4 de Marzo

Te invitamos a esta práctica regular donde estaremos revisando el Pase Mágico del Tigre Dientes de Sable.
Vamos a conectarnos con la capacidad de acecho del Tigre, su forma tan amplia de respirar y su capacidad de enfoque y atención.

Este Pase Mágico nos ayudará a desechar lo que no nos sirve y atraer lo que SÍ queremos: como un mejor trabajo, atraer la prosperidad, tener armonía y balance, buena salud, una buena relación o lo que tú quieras.

Práctica regular de Tensegridad
Domingo 11 de marzo
10-11:30 a.m.
Favor de llegar 15 minutos antes para realizar su registro
Kramer 74 Colonia Atlántida (Cerca del metro Taxqueña)
Lugar: Colegio Great Union Institute
Kramer 74 Col. Atlántida, Coyoacán (entre División del Norte y Calzada de Tlalpan, muy cerca del cruce de Miguel Ángel de Quevedo y División del Norte y a 7 minutos del metro Taxqueña)

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